The following are notes I took from a podcast with Kevin Kay....he runs The Partnership for 21st Century Skills

440 Human resource managers and were asked “What do you need future kids to have?”

Attributes for future hires
80% Work ethic
75% Collaboration
70% Communication
63% Socially Responsible
58% Critical Thinkers and problem solvers

They were then asked…”Of graduates that you hired, what are their deficiencies relative to what you expect?”
81% Written Communication
73% Leadership
70% Work Ethic
70% Problem solving and critical thinking
58% Inadequately self directed

Lastly they were asked “What will be the most important skills needed by graduates in five years?”
78% Critical Thinking
77% Information Technology
76% Knowledge of health and wellness
74% Collaboration
74% Innovation
72% Personal financial responsibility

Learning and Thinking Skills
Critical thinking
Innovation and creation
Solving problems

Tech Skills
Use tech skills to do learning and thinking skills

21st Century Content
Global Awareness
Civic engagement
Health and wellness
Business financial and economic literacy

Life Skills
Work ethic
People skills
Social responsibility
Self directed learners
Personal responsibility

Think and self-directed